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Practice Areas

Business Law

Attorneys with Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., offer small to medium size businesses legal assistance in all aspects of their operations.  Other specific aspects of corporate law include:  

            - contracts (drafting and negotiation)
            - mergers and acquisitions
            - director and officer liability
            - commercial litigation
            - lending
            - commercial real estate
            - antitrust
            - issues affecting partnerships and limited liability companies            
            - business structure, organization and control
            - shareholder rights and obligations 
            - trademark registration

The firm has represented business clients throughout the state and the nation.  Its attorneys teach at seminars and conferences attended by other attorneys, and they are recognized for their expertise.

Through its own staff or in association with other attorneys, the firm is able to provide full-service legal representation to business clients.

Non-Profit Organizations

Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., has represented and continues to represent a number of non-profit organizations, including religious organizations, charitable, and others.  The representation of non-profit organizations is a natural extension of the law firm's mission statement.  Non-profit organizations receive advice from Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., in the following areas (as well as others):  

            - obtaining tax exemption and maintenance of exempt status  
            - organizational structure and formation issues
            - director and officer liability
            - attendance at board meetings and drafting of minutes
            - bylaws and other organizational issues
            - dissolution, merger or consolidation

Lawyers in the law firm understand the unique issues that face non-profits on a day-to-day basis and appreciate the special concerns that must be considered by non-profit organizations in making decisions.

In addition, Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., understands that the preservation of a non-profit organization's tax exempt status is important.  The law firm makes every effort to provide advice that not only benefits the organization, but also protects the exemption.


Cooperative Law

William T. Crisp, II (1924-1992), the firm's founding partner, was instrumental in the organization and continued operation of over 60 rural electric cooperative associations in North Carolina and across the nation.  Prior to his death in 1992, Mr. Crisp was recognized as the nation's most experienced and knowledgeable attorney in the field of REA (now Rural Utilities Services) cooperatives.  The spirit of Bill Crisp lives on at the firm and in the attorneys at the firm.  The firm continues to represent numerous cooperatives in North Carolina as general counsel and represents several cooperatives in North Carolina and other states as special counsel.  The firm regularly handles cases for cooperative clients involving (but not limited to):  

            - affirmative action plans
            - territorial disputes  
            - easements, real estate and condemnation  
            - electro-magnetic field litigation  
            - general corporate and bylaw matters  
            - hostile takeovers   
            - personal injury, wrongful death and property damage  
            - wrongful disconnection of electric service  
            - electric meter tampering  
            - service policy issues  
            - environmental matters  
            - O.S.H.A. regulations  
            - mergers and consolidations

Because of its expertise in handling matters for rural electric distribution cooperatives, the firm stands in a unique position to analyze client problems and advise clients on matters before the trial and appellate courts, as well as administrative and regulatory agencies.  The firm has well-established relationships with RUS, CFC, NRECA, NCEMC, and NCREA.  

The firm's attorneys regularly attend board and committee meetings of the cooperatives that it serves as general or special counsel.  The attorneys prepare and present seminars on important issues facing utility clients and edit national newsletters for rural electric cooperatives.

Utility Law

Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., is well versed in the laws and regulations dealing with public utilities.  Attorneys at the firm have made numerous appearances before the Public Service Commissions in North Carolina and other states, the FERC and the FCC.  The firm regularly handles cases for utilities and/or consumer groups in the following areas of utility practice:

            - electric certification, rates and complaint proceedings
            - long distance telecommunications
            - certificate and rate matters
            - natural gas extension, rates and service policies
            - regulated water and sewer systems
            - cellular telecommunications
            - competitive local service (dial tone)
            - cable television

Electricity, telephone and other utility services have become necessities to modern residential and commercial life.  The firm's attorneys have years of experience in crafting solutions to complex utility matters which cut through the "red tape" and serve the interests of utility and consumer alike.

Civil Litigation

The litigation practice includes virtually all phases of civil and commercial litigation in all state and federal courts, as well as administrative practice before the various agencies of state and federal government.  Much of the firm's litigation practice involves utilities litigation or employment litigation.  However, the firm's litigation practice extends to:

            - tax and administrative matters
            - insurance defense, either representing carriers or their insureds
            - commercial and contract disputes
            - social security disability cases
            - mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
            - real estate disputes
             - personal and property damage claims

Attorneys at the firm conduct all phases of litigation, from fact gathering and settlement negotiations to trial and appeal, including both state and federal appeals.

Whether a case results in an early settlement or a lengthy court battle, planning is the key to minimizing litigation costs and maximizing benefits.  The firm's litigation strategy is determined on a case by case basis according to the facts, legal issues and needs of its clients.

The firm's attorneys are admitted to practice before the state and federal trial and appellate courts affecting North Carolina clients, including the United States Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit, Federal Court of Appeals.

Employment Law

Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., offers business and professional clients experience in matters relating to employment law.  Employment law includes such issues as:

            - affirmative action plans
            - employment discrimination
            - equal employment opportunity
            - sexual harassment
            - employment at will
            - employee v. independent contractor
            - drug and alcohol abuse
            - pregnancy discrimination
            - parental leave
            - employment handbooks

No area of the law is more challenging for businesses today.  From the smallest business to the largest corporation, personnel is one of the largest items of cost and concern.  The changing nature of the work force has a tremendous impact.  At the same time, state and federal laws governing employers are evolving rapidly and growing more complex. 

Discrimination complaints are increasing.  North Carolina has seen multi-million dollar judgments against businesses as a result of sexual harassment suits.  Progressive businesses recognize the need for policies and procedures that not only avoid difficulties but also foster positive and productive relationships between employers and employees.

Crisp, Page & Currin, L.L.P., seeks to equip employers with the knowledge and understanding of these matters that will establish a sound foundation for business success.

Currin Energy Page®

Cynthia M. Currin is the Editor of Currin Energy Page®. Currin Energy Page® is a cutting edge monthly legal publication summarizing the most recent case law and regulations relating to the electric industry. Cases and regulations are carefully selected and edited by an attorney with over 24 years of experience in the rural electric field.