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William T. Crisp, II (1924-1992), the firm's founding partner, was instrumental in the organization and continued operation of over 60 rural electric cooperative associations in North Carolina and across the nation.  Prior to his death in 1992, Mr. Crisp was recognized as the nation's most experienced and knowledgeable attorney in the field of REA (now Rural Utilities Services) cooperatives.  The spirit of Bill Crisp lives on at the firm and in the attorneys at the firm.  The firm continues to represent numerous cooperatives in North Carolina as general counsel and represents several cooperatives in North Carolina and other states as special counsel.  The firm regularly handles cases for cooperative clients involving (but not limited to):  

            - affirmative action plans
            - territorial disputes  
            - easements, real estate and condemnation  
            - electro-magnetic field litigation  
            - general corporate and bylaw matters  
            - hostile takeovers   
            - personal injury, wrongful death and property damage  
            - wrongful disconnection of electric service  
            - electric meter tampering  
            - service policy issues  
            - environmental matters  
            - O.S.H.A. regulations  
            - mergers and consolidations

Because of its expertise in handling matters for rural electric distribution cooperatives, the firm stands in a unique position to analyze client problems and advise clients on matters before the trial and appellate courts, as well as administrative and regulatory agencies.  The firm has well-established relationships with RUS, CFC, NRECA, NCEMC, and NCREA.  

The firm's attorneys regularly attend board and committee meetings of the cooperatives that it serves as general or special counsel.  The attorneys prepare and present seminars on important issues facing utility clients and edit national newsletters for rural electric cooperatives.